“Outlaw GENTLEMEN and Shady LADIES”

Bruda-fans all over the f****** world:


We aim to get it and make it right, and deliver the goods with the up and coming graphic novel “GRANFINALE” , handmade by a bunch of stoned and talented young fellas like Margherita Mandelli, Giovanni Matola, Viola Bairo, Andrea Boscolo and Erica Fantinati, the power-team led by RCF and MAV master chefs.

BrudasArt - logo UFFICIALE

“Granfinale” is an anchor business for the future indipendent-related comics market. It’s actually, and with no doubt, the first hi-profile, professional novel released by BrudasArt.

The Torino-based team is really proud to announce that GF will be presented, alongside with evergreen “Monstro” and tons of merch, at TorinoComics 2015, set in april and ready to be conquered.

GF - promo1 GF - promo2

BTW, B’Art is ready to explore new markets and areas over the territory, presenting the comedy-horror successful number “Monstro” in its 2nd leg-tour, driven by RCF / MAV themselves, Viola Bairo and web-master Lucia Perri.

Monstro - Hell9 (2)

Thank you for your constant support, magic and devotion. We are pleased to announce that BrudasArt activities will continue with even more focus and dedication in the near future, with the add of an interesting new project venture with MAO association based on their series of short-films.




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